DOF Subsea is part of one of the world’s leading and most experienced offshore companies, which has a track record in the oil and gas industry extending back to the beginning of the 1980’s.

DOF Subsea was established in May 2005 as parent, DOF ASA acquired GEO Group AS and its subsidiary Geoconsult AS. The Company, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, as Geo ASA - later renamed DOF Subsea - went on to establish a dedicated capability in all the major oil and gas production areas around the world.

DOF Subsea established a new shareholding structure in 2008 and delisted from the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company is owned by DOF ASA (51%) and First Reserve Corporation. DOF ASA, an international group of companies, owns and operates a modern fleet of offshore vessels combined with strong engineering capacity to service the global offshore energy market. First Reserve Corporation (FRC) is a leading energy-focused private equity firm, with a history of over 25 years investing in the energy industry.

DOF Subsea's corporate headquarters is in Bergen, Norway.

Located in the North Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Asia-Pacific, and West Africa.