SKANDI is purpose-built,
modern & capable.


We own and operate a high specification fleet of Subsea Vessels, Dive Systems and ROVs.

DOF Subsea’s fleet is purpose built to match the challenges of the offshore sector and designed for operations across a wide range of water depths and environmental conditions.

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DOF Subsea expanded the fleet with a number of Chartered vessels, building greater flexibility and a complementary fleet mix to meet our clients’ subsea challenges.

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DOF Subsea’s ROV fleet is designed & manufactured to our specifications. 13 model types, 54 ROV systems and 1 AUV for an extensive range of operational requirements.

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DOF Subsea is the proud owner of a 3rd generation Hugin, the 1000 AUV. This system is one of the most advanced tools for geophysical mapping & pipeline inspection available.

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Modular, containerised Saturation Diving and Air Diving spreads can be deployed from a range of DOF Subsea or client-supplied vessels.

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DOF Subsea remotely operates Teledyne Glider AUVs, which persistently monitor ocean conditions, provide real-time updates, and require no support vessel.

Our Skandi Explorer Glider AUVs