DOF Subsea Survey & Positioning

Our team of highly experienced project managers and field staff has a wealth of survey and positioning knowledge. We acquire high quality seabed and sub-surface data using leading technology and survey systems.



Seabed Mapping

For over 25 years we have been a major provider of detailed bathymetric and geophysical data to the oil industry.

Using leading technology, our vessels and systems supply our customers with high quality, cost-effective surveys and efficient reporting.

With our vessels, ROV, ROTV and AUV mounted equipment, we are able to acquire the highest quality (density) seabed and sub-surface data required for detail modelling and interpretation, down to 5,000 metres water depth.

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Subsea Positioning

We are a specialist in providing positioning control in support of its clients’ field installation projects from nearshore shallow fields to ultra-deep offshore developments.

Services include the entire range of field positioning services, umbilical, riser and flowline (URF) installations and other subsea infrastructure.

As part of this service, DOF Subsea leads the industry in providing deep water subsea metrology using acoustics and Smart Wire to measure and position spool pieces, jumpers and all subsea structures.

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Data Processing

We have extensive experience with sophisticated data collection, processing, modelling and presentation software and methods. These systems are well known and widely used throughout the industry.

DOF Subsea has been acquiring data and producing digital bathymetric maps since the early 1980s. Our highly experienced staff perform efficient processing, interpretation and reporting of our surveys on board the vessels.

Top of the range storage systems maintain full data security and data management, making it possible to supply our customers efficiently. We are also capable of delivering a wide range of recognised CAD and GIS formats.


Acoustic Positioning

DOF Subsea provides precision positioning solutions for deep water wellhead installations using fully integrated DGPS and acoustic positioning with other sensors to establish wellhead height and altitude.


C3D & C4D Visualisation

C3D System provides operators, contractors and engineers with the tools to visualize a field, from conceptual design to procedure generation, installation simulation and real-time operations offshore. 

Ocean Observations Systems

DOF Subsea provides technology-based solutions for clients to better understand their operational at-sea workspace, enabling safer and more economical decisions. Systems including Glider AUVs and surface drifters collect and transmit data from important parameters such as water current speed, physical water properties, and chemicals in the environment. This data is made available via a web-based, ocean data & mapping portal developed by DOF Subsea. Ocean Observation Systems provide measurements of strong ocean currents, establish environmental baselines, detect oil in water, and provide other marine monitoring services.

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