DOFSUB07 - Occurrence of Effective Date

Reference is made to the notice from the bondholders' meeting dated 13 December 2017, announcing the approval by the bondholders' meeting of DOFSUB07 of the proposal put forward by DOF Subsea AS' ("DOF Subsea" or the "Company") to, inter alia, make certain amendments to the bond agreement for DOFSUB07 (the "Bond Agreement"), as implemented by way of the amendment agreement dated 19 December 2017, and made between the Company as issuer and Nordic Trustee AS as bond trustee (the "Bond Trustee") on behalf of the bondholders (the "Amendment Agreement").
Please be advised that pursuant to the terms of the Amendment Agreement, the Effective Date (as defined therein) has occurred on 21 December 2017, and the Bond Agreement has been amended and is (in amended form) effective from this date.
Please see attached the notice from the Bond Trustee.
>>> Notice from the Bond Trustee (PDF)
For further information, please contact:
Mons S. Aase, CEO, DOF Subsea, tel: +47 91 66 10 12
Marianne Møgster, SVP Finance, DOF Subsea, tel: +47 99 30 69 16


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