Result from Bondholders' Meetings and update on tender activities

Result from bondholders' meetings:
Reference is made to the summons to bondholders' meetings in DOFSUB07 (ISIN NO 001 0670144), DOFSUB08 (ISIN NO 001 078817.7) and DOFSUB09 (ISIN NO 001 083681.0) issued dated 3 April 2020 and the addendum to the summons issued 21 April 2021. The bondholders' meetings were held today, and the proposed resolution received 99.06%, 98.40% and 100% of the votes in DOFSUB07, DOFSUB08, and DOFSUB09 respectively. Approval of the proposal set out in the summons required 2/3 majority in all three bonds, and the proposal was consequently approved and this pre-condition for a continued constructive dialogue between the DOF Group and its secured lenders and bondholders is then satisfied.  Please see the attached minutes from bondholders' meetings.
>>> DOFSUB Notice from Bondholders Meeting 20200422.pdf

Update on tender activities:
There has been a sharp decline in the tender activities, with few new contract opportunities and less projects to bid for. Due to the sharp decline in the oil price, the oil companies have reduced their exploration activity substantially and some have also started to reduce existing production. It must be expected that the Group will continue to experience adverse consequences of the sharp decline in the oil price, and the responses of the oil companies to such decline. Several of the Group's vessels will finish their firm contract periods during 2020, and if the challenging market continues most of these vessels could move into lay-up.

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