Statement Saturday 21 April 2018

DOF Subsea is assisting the independent regulator NOPSEMA to investigate all elements of a saturation diving campaign from the Skandi Singapore in June/July 2017 to gain a fuller understanding of matters being reported by some of the divers involved.

When the matters are fully understood, we expect the results to be shared with the industry.

Since becoming aware of the incident, DOF Subsea has been providing support to the divers involved.

Recent organisational changes reflect current lower level of work in the Australasian oil and gas industry. DOF Subsea continues to work on, and seek, projects throughout Australasia.

DOF Subsea regards the ongoing safety, health and well-being of all its employees and contractors as being of paramount importance within the company’s ongoing diving and other operations and among our core values and guiding principles.

Statement ends

Reference is made to the press release by DOF Subsea on December 30th, 2017, “Statement Saturday 30 December 2017” regarding the coordination with NOPSEMA in relation to a Saturation Dive Campaign undertaken in July 2017 from the Skandi Singapore.

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